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Tobago Description

I arrived on the island of Tobago treasures through the search of many years, was finally forgotten. It has a parchment rotting in hand, there is no difference in the part of the treasure map it. However, what should I use this. And, Who would have the portion lost. Only by collecting a lot of clues, you will be able to know the location of the treasure. Use the off-road your car, we will proceed in the mountains and jungle, in the torrent. However, even if arrived at the location of the treasure, fight of the distribution of the shares will begin. Further, upon receiving the curse remaining on the island, it will lose treasures. Mysterious amulet, becomes a force having you protect against only curse. Other players also joined or one of their own, I’ll combine the clues of treasure map the location of the treasure until established. Then, I will treasure the carve-up in the player that issued the clue. Take the amulet, use well, (such as the avoidance of curse) to get the score. At the end of the game, and you win the player has won the most coins. (From the rule book)

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