RG 1/144 GNT-0000/FS 00 Quanta Full Saber

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RG 1/144 GNT-0000/FS 00 Quanta Full Saber Description

1 x GN SWORD öW. 1 x GN Gunblades. 1 x GN Sword V. 3 x GN Sword Bit. 1 x GN Shield. ??Japanese Assembly Instructions.(English correspondence) ??Materia(PS?EPP?EABS) ??Action Base is not included. Gunpla is a dimensionalized plastic model of mobile suits that appears in the series of ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’, robots and battleships called mobile armour. Since they were born in 1980 as ‘1/144 Gundam’, 445 million units of them have been sold. A Gundam is an advanced, high performance mobile suit, often constructed to be more powerful than the standard production mobile suits. They are equipped with the latest experimental technology available at the time of their construction. The main suit in each series usually sports a mainly white and blue color scheme, with yellow and red accents, and sports at least one pair of yellow or white V-fins on its head. Beyond robot action, the main character’s social growth is set as the main point of the story. Also, by introducing a human drama in reality with the war set to treat robots as a type of weapon called ‘mobile suits’, it became a pioneer of a series of robot animation revolution to be called. [BANDAI] To ensure the commitment to quality and responsiveness to the market, Gundam is currently conducted consistently in Japan from planning, development to production at ‘Bandai Hobby Center’ in ‘Hobby’s Town Shizuoka’ . BANDAI is a leader in developing engaging, quality toys that capture children’s imaginative spirit and provide endless ‘Fun For The Future’. Bandai’s mission is to create products and services that nurture customers’ dreams around the world and experience the excitement. The business model called Character Merchandising (CMD) that we develop is very unique, not only in its know-how but also in the business area. We hope to enhance the presence of BANDAI in the world by developing this overwhelming power mechanism not only in Japan but also in the world.

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