Mass Effect Omni-Blade Cosplay Weapon

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Mass Effect Omni-Blade Cosplay Weapon Description

Whether you’re an N7 soldier or a Pathfinder, the omni-tool comes standard issue for a reason. These handheld devices combine a computer microframe, sensor analysis pack, and a mini-fabricator to create an extremely versatile and reliable tool. With the Reaper invasion, the need to take on multiple husks in close quarters forced the Alliance to develop ways to enhance the tool’s offensive capability. The Omni-Blade is a weapon flash-forged by an Omni-tool’s mini-fabricator for close quarters combat. The transparent and nearly diamond-hard blade is created and suspended in a mass effect field, safely away from the user’s skin. The Omni-Blade replica is made of K-Resin and includes an adjustable strap and a locking mechanism for displaying/securing the blade. The Omni-Blade also includes a display stand with the Mass Effect logo. Dimensions: L35 x W17.5 x H10.2cm WARNING: The Omni-Blade replica is NOT a toy. It is a weapon replica based off of in-game renderings and should only be used for display. This product is intended for ages 14 and up. Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause female reproductive harm

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