Kotobukiya Marvels Squirrel Girl Bishoujo Statue

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Kotobukiya Marvels Squirrel Girl Bishoujo Statue Description

Escaping the taunts of her fellow school students regarding her physical mutation, Los-Angeles born Doreen Green fled into the nearby woods where she quickly discovered her affinity for squirrels. Squirrel Girl subsequently moved to New York City to fight crime, earning quite the reputation as Central Park’s greatest protector. There, Green was recruited into the would-be super-team the Great Lakes Avengers, helping them defeat Maelstrom and his agents, Batroc’s Brigade, although during this time she had to deal with losing her most trusted squirrel companion, Monkey Joe, who was killed by the GLA’s rejected teammate, Leather Boy. In the wake of the disastrous battle against Maelstrom, Squirrel Girl adopted a new sidekick, calling her Tippy-Toe. After discovering that Squirrel Girl was a mutant, the other members found they shared this commonality, after which they changed their name to the Great Lakes X-Men.

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