Elenco CK-1000 Basic Electronic Parts Kit

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Elenco CK-1000 Basic Electronic Parts Kit Description

Product Description Basic electronics parts set. INCLUDES: PLASTIC PARTS CONTAINER – 11” x 7” x 1 1/2” – 18 divisions LEDs: Standard T 1 3/4 size – 5 each – Red, Green, YellowRESISTORS: 1/4W – 5 each – 10Ω, 100Ω, 470Ω, 1kΩ, 2.2kΩ, 4.7kΩ, 8.2kΩ, 10kΩ, 18kΩ, 27kΩ, 47kΩ, 82kΩ, 100kΩ, 220kΩ, 330kΩ, 470kΩ, 1MΩ Displays: 2 each7-segment common cathode, 7-segment common anodeELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS: 2 each – 50V Radial – 2 each 1µF, 4.7µF, 10µF, 47µF, 100µF, 470µF, 1000µFINTEGRATED CIRCUITS: 2 each – 7805, 7812 Regulators, LM386 Audio Amp, 555 Timer, 741 Op-Amp, 74LS00, 74LS02, 74LS08, 74LS10, 74LS47, 74LS74, 74LS86, CD4013, CD4017MYLAR CAPACITORS: 100V Radial DIP – 2 each – .001µF, .0047µF, .01µF, .047µF, .1µF, .33µF Transistors: 2 eachPN2222, PN2907, 2N3055, 2N3904, 2N3906,2N5457CERAMIC DISC CAPACITORS: 500V – 2 each – 2.2pF, 4.7pF, 10pF, 1pF, 22pF, 47pF, 100pF, 220pF, 470pF, 680pF Diodes: 2 each1N4148, 1N4001, 1N34, 1N4728, 1N4733, 1N4739, 1N4743, 1N4747INDUCTORS: 1 each – 4.7µH, 10µH, 47µH, 100µH, 470µH, 1µH, 10µH, 33µH MISCELLANEOUS: 25’ 22AWG Hook-up wire, Alligator lead sets (red and black), 5V DIP relay, Photo cell, Microphone, Speaker, Buzzer, 9V battery snap, 1.5A 100V bridge, 4A 200V SCRTRIMPOTS: Single Turn – 1 each – 500Ω, 1kΩ, 5kΩ, 50kΩ, 100kΩ, 500kΩ, 1MΩSWITCHES: 2 each – Push-button, SPDT slide, DPDT slide, 8-position DIP From the Manufacturer CK1000 Basic Parts Kit

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