Things You Must Bring During a Swamp Tour

The spring’s sunny and warm days are now yet to come, which means that this season is the perfect time to book a swamp tour with Kissimmee Swamp Tours. Our alligators are just similar to us as they also love the warmth. If you are lucky enough to be part of one of our swamp tours, you can have the chance to witness alligators that are as huge as seventeen feet swimming or sunbathing around the vastness of our swamp. However, before you get extremely thrilled about meeting personally and up close such creature, it is essential to be ready. Below are some of the items you must bring with you during your Kissimmee swamp tour. 


Never forget to bring with you a camera. We assure you that the beauty of Orlando swampland together with the exotic wildlife you’ll experience during the tour will certainly be picture-worthy. We highly suggest that you bring waterproof cameras just to be safe since it might become wet due to splashing water.  

Comfortable clothing 

It would be best to wear casual and comfortable clothing that’s suitable for the weather. Usually, it is colder as soon as the boat starts at high speeds. Also, we recommend that you should bring a light jacket if you opt to come in summer or spring season, and a thicker jacket and pants during the winter. 


Though umbrellas can be bought at the gift shop, we suggest that you should come prepared should the weather does not do well and bringing an umbrella would be a great thing to do.  


If you happen to easily be burnt by the scorching heat of the sun or you have fair skin, never forget to apply some sunscreen and bring it with you. This is a must since you are expected to be on the water for more than one and a half hours. So, especially if it is a sunny day, it would be great to go to the tour well-prepared. While our alligators can bask under the sun for several hours, we do not recommend that you should do it too. 

Bug repellant 

We usually get inquiries regarding the mosquito situation once you’re on the water. Commonly, we just need to utilize insect repellent every once per year. This is included in the list of must-haves for your safety since we are aware that there are people who are more prone to bug bites. Once you get out of the airboat and walk around, there is a possibility that you will encounter mosquitoes. So, to be safer than sorry, you should bring with you a bug repellant. 

Your excitement 

Your excitement is definitely the best thing you can bring. We are hoping that you’re extremely thrilled to book and tour with us on this exciting adventure. We are definitely thrilled as well to expose to you our dedication and passion when it comes to nurturing the beauty of Kissimmee that you’ve never seen before. So, reach Kissimmee Swamp Tours right now for more information.